What causes insulin resistance syndrome, disease of civilization, metabolic syndrome?

26 Jun

When introducing metabolic syndrome at length in a previous post, I compared all of the symptoms such as diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol to the tips of the iceberg.

Today we will discuss the iceberg itself. What is the iceberg? What is the underlying cause of all these symptoms? read more

When to Check Your Blood Glucose Levels

5 Jun

We discussed previously the importance of obtaining and using a BLOOD GLUCOSE MONITOR KIT (which includes a BLOOD GLUCOSE MONITOR, TEST STRIPS, LANCETS and ALCOHOL PADS} for someone who has diabetes.

When should one check their blood glucose levels? read more

The Difference between Type I and Type II Diabetes and How to Monitor Diabetes

29 May

I want to encourage all of our readers who posted their questions or emailed me privately. I hope to address all your question; the intelligent ones and the simple ones as well. However, I will respond mostly to inquiries regarding diabetes and metabolic syndrome. I don’t want to fool you or fool myself that I have the answers to subjects that are out of my expertise. read more

What is Metabolic Syndrome and The First Step To Health

22 May

We want to welcome and congratulate you for joining our new series or articles for diabetes and metabolic syndrome. On this forum, we will discuss diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, insulin resistance and syndrome x, more recently known as metabolic syndrome. read more